Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Real Time Surveillance

Best Outdoor Security Cameras with Video and Audio Smart Features: Face Detection, Defocus Detection, Video Analytics

Benefits include:

Ability to Monitor Employees. This is the essential to avoid acts like: theft, fraud or conduct that is befitting a professional environment. Monitoring employees is a prudent course of action. An additional bonus is that you will be able to keep track of the activities in your business and monitor productivity. CCTV also acts as an effective warning as the chances of being clearly identified are high.

Maintaining Records. The playback feature that the CCTV system has will help you playback and capture action of incidents that happened in the past. CCTV will allow you to identify the perpetrator clearly and discourage anyone considering to commit an offense.

Improving work strategies. Installing CCTV Cameras can help to increase customer satisfaction and improve strategies. This is because by watching the recordings, you will be able to see how customers are being treated and monitor which walkways have more traffic, or which items get attention but dont sell. By monitoring these things, you will improve your solution in many ways.

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